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Hardware accessories decision ambry quality and longevity

A refined, sophisticated life to details, so the life that occupy the home, choose commodities, adornment, don't just puzzled by the surface scenery. Big household of choose and buy, must not ignore these seemingly small actually very critical parts.

Most customers when the choose and buy ambry, basically see ambry design and color, in fact, cabinet hardware for the use of comfort, quality and life plays an important role, so when the choose and buy must not ignore these seemingly small actually very critical parts.

General brand ambry hardware configuration is basic for the imported brand. Good quality hardware brands have Heidi poetry, BaiLong BLUM, glass and other imported brands, want to ask when the choose and buy, the brands of hardware at present no domestic production base, are all imported from abroad. Condition permits hardware had better choose imported brand, to ensure the using effect in the future. If the money is limited, also want to ensure the quality of hinge and slippery course, these two kinds of hardware is very important.

Good hinge automatically rebound

Hinge is ambry door plank of cabinet put oneself in another's position with the connect merge repeatedly opening and closing one of the necessary hardware. As a result of the door open the highest frequency in use process, as a result, the quality of the hinge is particularly important. Opie hutch ark, scottweil k said, the head of the opening and closing effect and durability, natural, smooth, silent is a basic requirement. The second is adjustable, up and down, left and right sides, front and back is adjustable scope in the plus or minus 2 mm; Minimum should be open Angle 95 ° and certain corrosion resistance and safety. Good hinge with the hand break up very hard, solid, reed machinery folding place without moving, close to 15 degrees automatically rebound, resilience is very uniform.

Condole ark each code should be able to handle up to 50 kg

Cabinet hardware, condole hang is the main force of support on condole ark. Fixed bolt is fixed on the wall, hanging yards in the left on both sides of the upper right corner of the condole ark, can be carried out after hanging up, up and down before and after the position adjustment, finally, to add the cabinet body combiner can ensure the quality and using effect. Special assembly quality requirements: each code should be able to handle up to 50 kg of vertical hanging force; With three dimensional adjustment function; Plastic parts should be flame retardant, no crack and spot. Some small manufacturers to save costs, the use of screw wall fixed condole ark, this method is neither beautiful nor safe, adjust the position is also very trouble.



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