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Different kitchen decorating a budget in advance

In such a world, enjoy the status of the kitchen at home more and more high, the kitchen is not just a place to cook, and is a place for parties, communication, occasionally to cook, to be one of the show to relax in life. Invest in your kitchen, choose a new kitchen life. Different levels of the kitchen decorate price is not the same, how can we grasp the kitchen decorate a budget?

Budget: 2 w for chef: an office worker, occasionally cook elaborate private kitchens as fun.

A small kitchen

The five-star hotel meal, snack street big gear, I cook a meal, which party is more let you move? In a variety of food blogger, all kinds of operation of flood today, do you also want to "own"? To have a convenient operation of the small kitchen to elaborate your own private kitchens! A reasonable design of small kitchen, need enough space exquisite, ambry enough style, act the role ofing is tasted enough individual character, the whole atmosphere is quite modern. In the kitchen should have the some facilities, it can help you to complete some common dishes in the menu, let you enjoy the fun of cooking.

Small kitchen space

Small kitchen on the one hand, pay attention to the fully functional, but also pay attention to maximize space utilization. Try to accommodate many appliances into ambry, let mesa appear relaxed. Between ground ark and condole ark is the place that can make full use of, metope layer rack installation hereat, disinfection cabinet, microwave oven, or layer board installation, hook, receive a disc, bottle of cup, condiment, scoop, spoons, thus avoiding the they occupy ambry mesa. If a narrow kitchen, not easy to choose take corner cabinet. But if wide, should make full use of the corner space, such as using turn basket can put more POTS and pans. Deep Chinese type cigarette machine more in line with the requirements of small kitchen, save money at the same time, save the space can also increase the number of condole ark.

The small kitchen

If the whole kitchen design concept is introduced to, small kitchen can be decorated very beautiful, magnificent, completely erased because of the crowded and messy defects, european-style design of integral kitchen, trying to within limited small space reflects the functional and practical. Built-in handle, can be high to low work station, can be wide narrow mesa depth, fluent line design, concise, clean, function complete, almost covers all electrical appliance in the kitchen, oven, built-in microwave oven. Need to pay attention to the investment less the open kitchen, has the certain difficulty in the design, shielding effect is also very general lampblack, simply make a closed space, relatively more practical.

The chef's display space

Budget: 5 w for chef: cooking level is higher, often in many chefs cooking in the party.

Why do you want to professional

In every family, is the whole family eat together scene cannot little, if you often dining at home, if you think of the food JamieOliver do so much, so you must be a professional chef. A chef only the oven must not tolerate, no kitchen oven. And content of looking at a group of people looking to go to wash the dishes after the absolute is a unpleasantness. Play level so we can let the chef in the kitchen, oven, oven, microwave oven, dishwasher, garbage processor, disinfection cabinet, electric furnace, coffee machine and so on, these weapons could not be a less chefs.



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