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Ambry hardware accessories selection method

Believe you sure don't want to see which day is listening to the music in the kitchen preparing dinner fell from the sky and condole ark, or with a condiment bottles of door plank fell down, such as this, however, the drawer is pulled, falls off ramp, shake handshandle loose, and so on, has made many housewives headache, all this let us realize the importance of hardware accessories, also tell us domestic ambry hardware quality remains to be improved. But improve quality not happen overnight and learn to choose the high quality product is the housewife should care about. Now let's look at how do ambry hardware selection.


Hinge is what we commonly known as the hinge, the connection of door plank of cabinet put oneself in another's position and important responsibility, in ambry use at ordinary times, the test is hinge. So, is also one of the most important hardware accessories in ambry.

See the hinge on the market at present is removable, mostly divided into the base and the two parts. There are two hinge in general

Screens with three screens, three yoke hinge of course better. If there are conditions, try to choose more positioning of the hinge. A multipoint positioning, is refers to the door in the open can stay at any one point of view, open not arduous, also won't suddenly closed, to ensure the safety of use, this approach on the wall cupboard door is particularly important.

1, see material pledge: almost all the big brand ambry hardware use cold rolled steel, a stamping forming, feel is thick, smooth surface. And coating thickness on the surface, so not easy to rust, sturdy and durable, the bearing capacity is strong, cabinet door stretch freely, there will be no doors are not sealed. And inferior hinge is usually thin sheet metal welded, almost no back stretch, with a long will lose elasticity, lead to cabinet door doesn't close, and even cracking

2, by touch, advantages and disadvantages of different hinge use feel is different, the quality of the hinge strength is more soft, while trying to open cupboard door shut automatically rebound to 15 degrees, back stretch very evenly. Inferior hinge, short service life and easy to fall off, such as cupboard door, condole ark, mostly caused by hinge quality closes nevertheless.

Slippery course

If the hinge is the heart of the cabinet, then slide rail is kidney. Those greatly small drawers can be free to push and pull, smooth bearing how, on slippery course all support. From a technical perspective, now at the bottom of the slide a slide rail, the whole and drawer of the connection is better than three connections. Drawer slides of differ in thousands ways, such as material, principle, structure, process quality slippery course small resistance, long service life, the drawer is smooth.

1, try steel: how much drawer can bearing, mainly the rail steel is good, different specifications of the drawer is the thickness of the steel, bearing is different also. When the choose and buy the drawer can be pulled out, with his hand on it a little hard pressure, see if will be loose, kuang ring or reverse it.

2, the material: the comfort of pulley to the material of the drawer slide. Plastic pulley, steel balls, wear-resistant nylon is one of the most common three kind of pulley material, wear-resistant nylon for top grade, sliding, silent. See the stand or fall of pulley, can use one finger to push-pull drawer, should be no acerbity feeling, no noise.

Pressure device

Ambry hardware accessories, in addition to the slippery course, closely related to the drawer, hinge, there are a lot of pneumatic and hydraulic equipment of hardware. These accessories are adapt to the development and changes of ambry design approach, is mainly used for vertical lifting the flap type to open the door and door. Some devices have three, even more braking position, also known as the "stop" at will. Easy install the pressure device of ambry, quiet and very suitable for older people.



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